GTCC College Establishment and Operation Act, Article 20, Paragraph 1, Paragraph 2 (School of Theology)

GTCC College School of Theology is a theological school directly under the Korean Presbytery of the Christian Church in Korea, and all other authorities, including student recruitment and academic management, are under the authority of the President of the Korean Presbytery of the Christian Church in Korea.
GTCC College will report it’s own admission to seminarians to the General President of the Korean Presbyter from 2024.


Dr. Woo Sang Yong

Bless you in the name of the Lord when you visit our school homepage. Become a Global Leader in the Global Age at General Trias College of Cavite! (formerly Young Ji College)

GTCC is a ‘global university’ that’s moving around the world. Students from all over the world come to live and study together. We can learn online and offline, and we are supporting students from all over the world beyond the Philippines and Asia. as GTCC is the ‘bible university’ that builds the kingdom of God. We are pursuing reformist theology and honing our studies based on Christian worldviews. We train true disciples through education that resembles the character of Jesus and realizes the degree of service. In particular, we are waiting for you with an open mind and a steady lantern to help Korean people and pastors expand their learning skills.

GTCC is a ‘transformative university’ that changes the world and society. It is fostering leaders who light up the dark world and purify society that is becoming salt and rotting. I hope you achieve your dream of becoming the main character of the global era of the 21st century at GTCC.

Thank you very much.

  •  Senior Pastor, Hanyoung Church
  •  Acting Chairman, Seoul Han Young University
  •  Director of , General Trias College of Cavite