Message of the President

Dear Students and Families,

Welcome to General Trias College of Cavite , and thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. Making a choice is a critical phase in life. If you make good choices, you can blossom and set yourself up for success later in life. To our beloved pupils and students, I warmly and deeply thank you for making GTCC  your best choice to assist you in honing your God-given talents and in molding your personhood as capable, responsible and God- fearing individuals. Ours is a community centered on our students’ success, providing them with exceptional experiences, and connections to successful careers.

Here you will find exceptional experiences that allow you to grow and develop, explore new interests, and fully realize your potential.

Producing career-ready graduates has always been central to our mission. Through a process that includes career exploration and professional preparation, we connect you with career paths and foster the skills and mindset needed for professional advancement success in your chosen field.

Lastly, becoming a GTCC students means you are part of a close-knit community that will support you from day one and help you achieve your vision of success. Our mission is to help you grow, discover, and realize your aspirations. Here you will find the guidance and support to do this—whether you want to develop your leadership skills, explore your passion for the arts, serve our community, conduct your own research, or pursue a career-defining internship. You will find mentors in our faculty, staff, and coaches, and, through our campus’ rich social and cultural life, you will make connections and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Our website contains many resources for you to learn about GTCC. I encourage you to visit our beautiful campus, meet our students and faculty, and see for yourself the outstanding opportunities, activities, and facilities.

I wish you all a productive, successful and meaningful  academic year !