Director Message

General Trias College of Cavite is a school that is available to both Filipino and foreign students.

Based on the establishments of the universally perceived Korean education, General Trias College care for the all-encompassing needs of the students, convincing them to satisfy their most prominent potential.

Individual consideration from educators and small class sizes guarantee that every student receives the support to do well scholastically. A balanced extracurricular program with personalized supervision implies that every child grows extensively also. The top quality offices and assets create a strong condition setting them up well for overseas studies

General Trias College of Cavite offer full boarding, where GTCC students feel comfortable. We give a warm and caring environment where the students are fully engaged, physically and mentally, outside school hours.

Collaboration, leadership, innovativeness and freedom flourish at General Trias College of Cavite . With expert care for individual needs, and various opportunities for self-improvement, GTCC students are establishing the frameworks for an effective and productive profession, and life.

Proficient, versatile young people with a global mentality and a sense of responsibility will be marked for high accomplishments in varying backgrounds. General Trias College of Cavite is helping to create the overcoming adversity of student’s future.

We require teaching colleagues who are dynamic and committed, ready to convey their subject(s) at the most significant level, comprehend the adapting needs of second-language students, ready to contribute outside their specialism and, most importantly, pioneers who will work inside the real factors of rapidly-developing school.



The challenge is beautiful...


  • Graduated Han Nam University
  • Graduated Jung Ang University [M.A]
  • Japan  Nipon Beauty Professional College
  • Japan Takushoku University
  • Graduated Cavite State  University Ph.D