The program is designed to strengthen the students competencies in the English language and enrich their knowledge of the discipline. It also aims to provide opportunities for the practical application of competencies acquired in the workplace.

Its curriculum was designed in a way that it will equip students with the right knowledge and skills in order for them to become articulate English speakers and achieve a high level of English proficiency in general.
The English program provides a comprehensive study of the English language and is designed to help students improve their speech and writing skills. It is a very good preparation for further studies in law, literature and linguistics.

GTCC  operates under the trimestral system. Its academic calendar consists of three (3) regular trimesters of about 14 weeks each, as follows:

Term Period
Term 1 August (fourth week) to December (second week)
Term 2 January (first week) to April (third week)
Term 3 May (third week) to August (fourth week)

Under this system, students should be able to finish their studies in less time than their counterparts in the semester program. This is made possible by the more evenly paced schedule of subjects for each trimester.


College of Education

  • Bachelor of Arts in Christian Education
  • Bachelor of Arts in English
  • Bachelor of Music- Music Education
  • Bachelor of Science in Physical Education

College of Administration and Management

  • Bachelor of Library and Information Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Custom Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship
  • Bachelor of Science in Office Administration
  • Bachelor of Real State Management

College of Theology

  • Bachelor of Arts in Theology