This  is a master’s thesis program aimed at preparing individuals involved in the practice of theological education to have a basic comprehensive and critical grasp of the Scriptures and the Christian tradition in the context contemporary global issues and developments.

The M.A. in Theology is a broad-based academic degree meant to introduce students to the study of theology as an academic discipline. This program is designed to prepare students for further work at the doctoral level or to enhance vocations including education, campus ministry, counseling, psychology, law, medicine, and social work.

The Master of Arts in Theology is a professional program for those who wish to pursue a Master’s degree in theology. Those who complete the program should be able to:
  • integrate the Christian faith in the practice of doing theology
  • model a life showing an internally formed biblical holiness
  • interpret the Bible adequately and apply biblical insights to effect holistic transformation within their own spheres of influence
  • develop competencies in doing theology.

All who take the Master of Arts in Theology program must complete 63 credit units which include 57 credit units of core, focus, and elective courses, as well as the two prerequisite courses, Writing Academic Papers and Introduction to the Bible , which are 3 non-credit units each. These prerequisite courses, however, may be validated.

In the course of graduate studies, all students will be called upon to demonstrate reading proficiency in two modern languages and will be expected to use these linguistic skills in reading for classes and papers. Unless otherwise specified, the two required modern languages are English and Korean. For some students, a similar knowledge of ancient languages will need to be demonstrated. (Check your proposed Field of Study for more information about language requirements.)
The Master of Arts in Theology program will also require the completion of a Comprehensive Exam and a Masteral Thesis.
All who take the Master of Arts in Theology program are required to participate in at least two Care Group sessions and attend the weekly Chapel services during the course of their study.


Academic Prerequisites
a. An applicant must have graduated in any Bachelor’s Degree (four-year university course) as specified by the Commission on Higher Education in the Philippines or its equivalent in other countries.

b. The student shall have taken up at least 12 units of theology or philosophy in his/her undergraduate courses from previous university or equivalent institutes of learning.