General Trias College of Cavite ( GTCC ) is the Center of Excellence in online and formal education, providing a well balanced Educational programs for the 21st. Century generation, with the hope of transforming the world for the better.



The General Trias College of Cavite, Inc. ( GTCC ) is to:

  • Provide the most affordable quality education for online learners and those interested to take formal education.
  • Shape the next generation of entrepreneurs by making education accessible to them whereever they may be.
  • Raise spirit inspired leaders with the hope of transforming the world
  • Produce effective and efficient spiritual leaders for the church and society.
  • Provide well rounded educational programs for the present and future generations.


The General Trias College of Cavite, Inc. ( GTCC ) hopes to produce graduates that are:

  • Inspirational
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Transformational Leaders
  • Spiritual mentors
  • Innovative
  • Christian Values oriented
  • Discipline in their academic pursuits

GTCC Values:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Innovativeness
  • Christian values- truthfulness, honesty, patience, perseverance, faithfulness etc..
  • Learning organization
  • Inclusiveness
  • Continuous development.
  • Team work
  • Trust


GTCC is an educational institution that is innovative and God fearing, in this regard, the insitution sees the learner as created in God´s image and imbued with the capacity to learn if given the right environment. In this sense, knowledge is innate and inborn and should therefore be awaken by the teacher who facilitates learning. The process of awakening or drawing out knowledge from the students is by questioning. The teachers are therefore groomed to come up with questions that will develop critical thinking ability in the students. The approach to Education and teaching is therefore constructivist. “Students learn what they set out to learn, not necessarily what a teacher tries to teach” (Cornelius Jaarsma). The Teacher must make the subject matter relevant to the needs of the students.