The Committee of Student Organizations (CSO) is the union of accredited of International Civil Qualification Association (ICQA), Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and Service Trainees of General Trias College of Cavite. Since its founding in 2010, the Committee has continuously delivered quality student services and has produced outstanding student leaders dedicated to serving and contributing to the GTCCians Community.

To support the preparation, execution, and documentation of the activities/projects/initiatives of the accredited organizations, nine Executive Teams work under the supervision of the CSO Executive Board. The CSO Executive Board also serves as the coordinating entity of the Council Body composed of the Presidents of the CSO member organizations.



Upholding the students brand of leadership, the Committee serves as an example in innovating standards.


Driven by the passion to serve, the Committee abides by the GTCC Core Values for the benefit of its member organizations.


Pioneering integrity and ethics, the Committee integrates these in its service and constitute discipline among its officers.